Question 5

Will my website look the same on everyone’s computer?

While you may only use one web browser in your company, remember that your customers use a range of browsers to view the web. Over the last few years, the browser market has widened as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera present stronger competition to the traditionally-dominant Internet Explorer. (And that’s just on the desktop; mobile web access has been growing exponentially in the last few years.) Make sure your website works for all your users!

Good response

The web is a fluid medium and is always evolving. Your website will be tested to ensure the look and feel is consistent, but not necessarily exactly the same, in all modern web browsers. (Depending on your current usage statistics, we may also test in Internet Explorer 6, though this may increase development costs.) Older browsers may have a reduced user experience but your content will still remain fully accessible.

Poor response

Yes, your site will look the same to all users.

Expert Tip

Web design isn’t the same as print design; there are a wide variety of web browsers, screen sizes and operating systems out there and it’s impractical (if not impossible) to try to make websites look exactly the same across them all. (Generally, modern web browsers are considered to include the latest two versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Webkit based browsers — Chrome, Safari, Safari Touch and Android — and Opera.) Define your target web browsers, but be flexible and expect some minor differences between browsers and platforms. As long as your website looks good and users can accomplish necessary tasks, you’re golden.